Are you eager to give your bathroom a much needed facelift or even an extreme makeover? To achieve this you must concentrate on a few key pieces that will stand out from the rest, such as your sink countertop and tiles. Although remodeling can be an exciting and rewarding creative experience, it may quickly turn overwhelming if you don’t first reflect on these 3 key factors:

Budget: Unless you have an unlimited budget, planning and sticking to how much money you have to spend is crucial to both the success and speed of your bathroom remodel. Spending 2/3 of your allotted money on that pricey tub you’ve been eyeing, may not be the way to go.

A limited budget will perhaps require more creativity, compromise, and searching for the best prices, but the end result can still be stunning. Focus on allocating slightly more of your budget towards focal points, such as countertops and bathroom tile. Then you can work around these items to create a complementary look.

Space: Before diving straight into your remodel, it’s best to consider the amount of space you have to work with. A larger bathroom, such as a master bath, will obviously provide less limitations, however don’t take this for granted. Simply because the space is available, doesn’t mean it needs to be filled. Overcrowding and over-decorating can still make a large space feel small, in addition to diminishing the overall tranquility of your bathroom.

Lighting and Color Selection: Another important factor to consider is your lighting and paint color. Bathrooms, especially smaller ones with limited natural or artificial light, can feel closed in if painted a darker shade. This doesn’t mean that you should shy away from color altogether, but simply factor this in. Slightly lighter wall colors may work better. You can also add darker accents and decor, or even install additional windows or lighting fixtures to create your perfect, open and airy remodeled space.

Bathrooms are an important selling feature to your home. For any help in achieving your ideal bathroom remodel, connect with one of our designers.