Interested in making a bold statement with your next interior design project? Then you may want to try incorporating the chevron pattern. This pattern dates back to at least 1800 B.C.E. and has been used as a military insignia for nearly as long. The ancient Spartans even featured a single chevron on their shields, which in ancient Greek is the letter lambda. When used as a pattern on floors, fabrics, and furniture, the chevron resembles a series of regular waves, kind of like herringbone. Here are a few ways you can add a touch of originality to any room using the chevron pattern.

Image: The Grain Design

Wood Coffee Table

This coffee table’s color is subtle, but the chevron pattern of the wood gives it a special touch. It looks great against the concrete background of the floor here, but would also work well with a solid, light-colored carpet underneath. You could also try it on a hardwood floor, provided the flooring was simple and of a much different hue. You don’t want a table like this to fade into the floor.

Image: Caesarstone

Quartz Coffee Table

Using a solid block of Caesarstone quartz, international designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard created this chevron coffee table. Black and white is one of the hottest trends in interior design right now, and this piece is a real show stopper. Just be careful where you put it, since it’s sure to draw the focus in any room.

Image: Etsy


Colorful chevron curtains like these add a little fun and flair to this otherwise plain wall. The vibrant green and white pattern really stands out on the plain beige background. And the absence of other patterns allows these curtains to really shine.