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Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

There is a reason humans have been obsessed with fire since we were cavemen and cavewomen. For centuries, fire has served as the focal point for almost any kind of familial gathering, from hunting parties in Africa to Christmas with your eccentric family, the fireplace acts as a meeting place to share good food and better stories. Today’s fireplaces take on a new significance as stylish and often cozy additions to any home. Few components give a house as much personality as a unique fireplace. From rustic and traditional to clean and contemporary, there is one for every taste.

As technology progresses, trends come and go, but the fireplace remains the one aspect of a house that has remained. However, with this new technology we have found a way to harness this natural element in a way that makes it work more efficiently for us. The introduction of gas fireplaces in the 1990’s revolutionized the way we light up our living rooms. While some say you can never replace the natural ambiance of a wood burning fire, you can replace its energy inefficiency, difficult maintenance, and laborious prep time without sacrificing the warmth and charm it brings to your living space. Let’s take a look at how gas fireplaces are heating up the competition with wood burning fires.
The benefits of gas fireplaces include:

● Ease of Use
● Care-Free Maintenance
● Energy Efficiency
● Non-Stop Heat
● Versatile Installation Options


Courtesy of Ortal Heat

Fire at Will

Imagine bringing a caveman to the year 2017 and producing fire with the flick of a switch. If there is one testament to how far we’ve come as homeowners and the human species as a whole, it’s our ability to now be able to create fire on demand. Today’s gas fireplaces eliminate the concern for available fuel, once your home’s gas line is connected. No more chopping, storing, and drying logs just for limited warmth, requiring you to haul more wood inside every time you want it to last. With how busy families tend to be today, there is hardly time to worry about these things. Gas gives you instant ambiance whenever you wish. More recent gas fireplaces even have the ability to be controlled via remote control, include on and off timers, circulating fans, and regulating thermostats. Gas fireplaces work for you instead of wood fireplaces working against you.

Maintenance Meets Its Match

Literally the only thing you need to worry about regarding a gas fireplace is your fuel line. As long as the connection is tight, there is no further maintenance required. Though it is true a naturally burning fire is beautiful and alluring, the aftermath is anything but. Ash, soot, crumbling and burned logs, litter the fireplace in what is literally a hot mess. Additionally, a chemical compound called creosote clogs your chimney with each natural fire you burn. This byproduct of naturally burning fires is formed from the distillation of various tars and will eventually require a professional chimney sweep to get rid of.
With a gas fireplace, simply ensure your valves are clean, keep up on your annual inspections, and the rest of your experience is worry-free. The last thing you’ll want to do, especially in the colder months, is spend 30 minutes on your hands and knees, scooping up charred wood and embers, ruining those pristine pajama bottoms you got for Christmas.


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Ashes to Gases

One of the most notable benefits of opting for a gas fireplace over a natural one, is its environmental efficiency. Gas fires produce a fraction of the emissions than that of their wood burning counterparts. When using your gas fire, you are able to completely shut off your house’s central heating and take advantage of zone heating. This ensures the room in which you’re enjoying the fire stays warm without wasting money on heating unused rooms of the house. You get all the warmth with none of the electric bill. Gas fireplaces are the perfect solution to heat your home in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.

Flame on. And on. And on.

When the wood runs out, so does your fire… unless you’re cooking with gas. Gas fires persist until you are ready to turn the switch off. Additionally, gas fireplaces guarantee a virtually accident-free fire. This safety comes in the form of control. There are no open or unpredictable flames to worry about keeping your eye on and no risk of toxic fume release. You will not experience any roaming sparks or harmful ashes coming from your fireplace when using gas. If you have kids or pets, this reason alone is enough to snuff out the possibility of opting for wood. A gas fireplace promises unlimited warmth and unmatched safety.


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The Hottest Styles Available

Gas fireplaces are able to be installed in almost any way. They do not take up a great deal of space, which makes them ideal for literally any room of the house. You have the option of going vented, vent-free, or even vented directly through a wall.
If you are looking for a fully customizable addition to your home, look no further. A gas fireplace was made to adapt to hundreds of beautiful and eye-catching styles. For those with contemporary taste, gas fireplaces can be designed with elegant stone or tile and bring your fire to life atop a bed of rocks. Mix styles of glass, stone, and grating to create the ultimate ambiance for any room you choose. Authentically real-looking logs can be used to give your house a charming blend of elegance and natural beauty.

Brighten Your Nights at Home

A safe and stylish fireplace is truly the burning heart of any home. Technology today allows us to further personalize and improve the fireplace to create a one of a kind gathering place, whether it’s in the background of a bustling family dinner or the warm nucleus to a cozy night in the cold months of winter. Gas fireplaces inherently take care of most of the headaches associated with home fireplaces. Stop sweating the heat and start making your house a home.