The master bathroom is one room that most people agonize over when it comes to interior decorating. And why shouldn’t they? The master bathroom is often your only sanctuary in a busy household, a little oasis where you can relax and collect your thoughts. And the centerpiece of a truly spectacular master bathroom is, of course, a beautiful custom bathtub. Here are a few of our favorite bathtub ideas to get you started. (Or you can outright steal them. It is your bathroom.)

Image: Elle Decor

This bathtub, designed by Whittington, both complements and stands out from its surroundings. The color matches the walls, and the wood accent matches the cabinets. But the stand-alone placement and the pedestal base make it the center of focus in an already stunning master bath.

Image: Bath in Wood of Maine

For something really stunning, try working in an unexpected medium. This European-style double bathtub is made of walnut, one of the priciest and most beautiful hardwoods around. The deep color and natural grain makes this tub truly one-of-a-kind. And the styling is rounded and smooth, the perfect complement to the natural materials used to create it.