The roof over your head is one of the most important yet neglected component of your home. The only thing between you and the elements, your roof dictates much of your homeowner experience. As well as providing integral structural support to your house, a quality roofing system insulates your home from extreme temperatures and can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on utility bills. Solar roofing in particular has recently seen a surge in both popularity and efficiency. In California, especially, with no shortage of sunny fuel, solar panels are dominating the landscape with an astounding 242,000 solar projects throughout the state.

Boosting the Worth of Your Home

It is generally well-known that going green with your home’s energy sources can save you money on utility bills. In fact, solar powered roofs account for over $130 in savings a month for residents of San Diego. However, few consider just how much switching to solar can increase home value in the long run.

In 2015, researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that “Home buyers consistently have been willing to pay more for homes with host-owned solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems.” The Department of Energy-affiliated research lab goes on to explain that a solar system adds about $4 of value per watt. Considering the average size of a solar system in the United States is 5 kilowatts, that would translate to $20,000 of added home value. Even a smaller, 3.1 kilowatt can easily boost the value of a medium-sized home well over $12,000. Keep in mind, this is on top of the savings you will enjoy on your monthly electricity bills.

Additionally, it has been found that homes including solar panels sell faster than their electric counterparts. In fact, solar homes sell 20% faster than non-solar homes. If you are a homeowner who is looking to increase home value while saving boundless time and headaches dealing with length paperwork and wait time, solar panels are by far the wisest investment.

Solar Home Value Factors

While most homeowners will increase home value with the addition of a solar system, just how much of a gain depends on a variety of factors. Below are the circumstances which will help dictate how much worth you can gain from going green:


Where you live has a direct effect on how much solar panels will impact your home value. Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of solar roofing are not solely dependent on the sunniest states. The metric to look at when determining your solar worth is the power itself, or the cost of electricity. Because homes with solar roofing systems can virtually eliminate electricity bills, the states with the highest solar power will soak up more savings, and therefore, an increase in home value. A potential buyer will always be willing to pay more for a home with better long-term energy savings.

Installation Size

The number and quality of solar panels installed on your roof will have a noticeable influence on the change in worth of your home. The number of panels that can be installed depends entirely on the square footage of sun-facing roof space your house has available. The typical solar panel supplies about 265 watts of power on average and 15 watts per square foot. The added home value you end up receiving from solar roofing is always going to be proportionate to the amount of solar roofing you can install. Obviously, more is better. Once you know the square footage of your roof, use this solar panel calculator to help you figure out how many panels you will be able to house.

The Existing Value of Your Home

Larger houses will proportionately see higher value boosts with solar. On top of having more roof space, a larger home with solar power will garner more demand than a smaller home with even the same solar roofing system. Keep in mind that this gain is many times a smaller percentage of the total home worth.

The Best Home Investment

As with any home improvement, the worth of your house will continue to increase as you scale. Whether it be the amount of solar power your particular state is being graced with, the available sun-facing roof space, or the overall size and worth of your existing home, the more the merrier. Of course, housing prices and utility rates will continue to be in flux, but keep in mind as the price of electricity surges, so will the advantages of solar energy.

When it comes to safe investments, solar roofing is bar none. With astronomical utility bill savings, solar roofing gives you an energy conscious option for efficient home power. Going green with your roofing will also help increase home value, should you decide to sell in the future. In today’s increasingly concerned climate regarding… climate, more and more people are placing a premium on solar power. With the right set-up, this investment is capable of paying a 200%+ return. Even if you decide not to sell your home, solar roofing pays for itself in savings multiple times over. Take some time to prepare your roof like you prepare your eggs, sunny side up!

For all of your high-quality roofing needs or for questions regarding the latest in solar roofing technology, contact Preman Roofing today. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will aid you in determining the best solar roofing for you San Diego Home.