The Wallstreet Journal recently wrote about the exciting partnership between House Beautiful and quartz countertop manufacturers Caesarstone. The partnership will be displayed in this year’s Kitchen of the Year, which will be a part of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase from April 26 to May 26, 2014 located at 3660 Jackson Street, Presidio Heights. At the helm of the design is famed interior specialist, Steve Miller who will be using Caesarstone’s Organic White throughout the kitchen. White countertops are a wonderful choice due to their versatility, yet many people shy away from this classic look. We’re hoping after the Kitchen of the Year makes its debut more people will see the design potential for white, quartz countertops. So, this got us excited to talk about why white might be the best color for your kitchen.

First let’s clear up a practical issue. When choosing white countertops, you might feel torn between marble and quartz. Marble is 100% natural and gorgeous, but has some serious setbacks including susceptibility to staining (not a good choice when working with white). If you’re going to go with white counters, choose quartz. Now that that’s taken care of, what can you do with white countertops? Practically anything!

The beauty of white is that it matches just about any other color that you could want in your kitchen. Once you’ve established this as your base color by using it for your countertops, everything else will stand out immediately in contrast. For example, think about how nice some dark espresso colored cabinets would look juxtaposed against white counters. Perhaps one of our favorite looks though is a classic southern style kitchen with white counters and cabinets with a light accent from the walls (we’re thinking a soothing blue shade). If timeless classic isn’t your thing, then use your white countertops to design a modern, chic, clean, minimalist kitchen. The point is to have fun and create a space that speaks to your home.