It’s officially Spring, which means in addition to doing all of that postponed cleaning, many people are tackling their home renovation plans. Making changes to your home may sound intimidating, expensive, and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, making changes to your house is a great way to add value to your space, while also giving you a fun project to work on. We recommend starting with something relatively small as a means for getting your renovation skills ramped up for larger projects.

One easy way to drastically change the feel of your house is by making changes to your kitchen. Nothing sets the tone for where you live quite like the space where you store and prepare your food. Recently, the trend has been to open up space in the home by eliminating walls that barricade the kitchen from the rest of the rooms. While knocking down walls may be a bit more than you’re willing to take on at the moment, consider how you could maximize your space with a kitchen island.

Islands are coveted for their utilitarian attributes and their aesthetical appeal. Not only do they give you more counter space to work with, but they also can act as a beautiful source for extra storage. You can build an island yourself, or have one made by a professional. Either way, just imagine what you can do with extra drawers, pull-out shelves, and counter tops.

Better Homes and Gardens prudently advises that you choose your island carefully though. Islands typically become the main attraction of any kitchen and will most likely be the first thing guests notice. This is why you want to make sure your island is something you’re proud to show off and the best way to ensure this is by choosing the right material for your countertop.

The newest developments in countertops are all about quartz. Besides being nearly indestructible, nonporous (i.e: extremely sanitary), and customizable, quartz comes in a host of colors. Unlike other stone materials, quartz countertops are manufactured in a factory setting, which allows for more play and customizations. The material is so strong and maintenance-free, some quartz companies even offer a lifetime warranty. To learn more about quartz surfacing for your home, please contact Caesarstone.