You may have heard this at one point in your lifetime, radon may seep out of quartz countertops, so do not trust them right? Wrong. Weighing in the pros and cons about quartz countertops come into play a whole lot, but the idea of radiation coming from the one thing in your house that you use very often is not likely. Caesarstone quartz countertops can be trusted to bring you only the finest products that are tested to be safe for any future investment.

Safely Reassured

We know there are ideas and reports still floating around about the dangers of radon and quartz countertops, so here is the firm answer from the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, quartz countertops pose little to no risk to a person’s health within the average home due to any radon emitted from the stone material. No further studies are required as of now, and consumers can still have their quartz countertops tested privately if they remain concerned.

Sealed for Guaranteed Safety

Natural quartz, like most other stone materials, has existing traces of free radicals or radon escaping from them. However, after being treated and molded into a finished product for consumers, the amounts of radon are minimal in the home. In addition, most countertops today that work alongside quartz are actually made of quartz, resins and glass. Together all three materials are sealed permanently for a functional non-porous countertop. Overall, the quartz in countertops does not allow any radon to be emitted since they are permanently sealed.

Once and For All

Altogether now, say it with us, quartz countertops are safe and do not present any harm to my home. Now that you can trust in quartz again, find out for yourself which options are great for your home. If you need help choosing the best of the best, then contact the countertop specialists who know how to match the perfect design for your home.