There has been a surge of demands for engineered quartz products. Consumers just can’t get enough of their fantastic texture and gorgeous design. Caesarstone has decided to answer their call. May 27 is the grand opening of their third manufacturing plant. It has the pride and distinction of being the very first one in the United States.

Where Is It?

 The Bryan County Belfast Commerce Centre in Richmond Hill. Over the years, Georgia has given a heartfelt wave of support, and in return, the company has decided to open dozens of jobs for them. According to the Georgian governor, this is an event that will foster economic growth for everyone throughout the region. What’s more, the company’s future is looking pretty bright. Analysts anticipate an increase in earnings by at least 3%.

 What Will Be Present?

 Designers and investors will be vying for a view of the ribbon-cutting event. Naturally, the press will be present to snapshots of this momentous occasion.

 What Does This Mean?

 This is a company whose made it their mission to bring premium quality quartz surfaces to you. Chances are, you’ve seen their work in someone else’s kitchen or bathroom. Once the plant is up and running, you can definitely expect it is a common occurrence.

 Don’t Miss Out

This is just the first of two factory lines that will open for Caesarstone. There are many more wonderful surprises in store for the future. If you would like a sneak peek of what’s to come, just check out their website. You’ll adore their fabulous selection of colors and designs. Don’t be afraid to buy one for yourself.