There are plenty of countertop materials available in our industry, and quite often it is challenging for homeowners to decide which countertop will be the best for their home. Here to help you decide, our countertop pros are here to help guide you in the right direction with the top 10 reasons why quartz countertops should be your only choice for your home’s counters.

  1. Appearance is Everything
    Unlike your parents’ old stone slabs or linoleum counters, quartz countertops are produced the way that our clients order them. Quartz enables the manufacturer to match the color, texture and pattern that matches your unique personality. There are no defects in the slab either, so you will not have to worry about driving up the costs.

  1. Stronger than the Rest
    Quartz countertops are made with the combination more than 90% natural quartz stone and resin binders and coloring. The final product is a tough stone that is much stronger than that of granite or marble.

  2. Cost
    As we know, the budget for countertops is on every homeowner’s mind. That is why quartz countertops are one of the best valued kitchen essentials. Just think, the larger the countertop space is the more you will have to spend if you go the expensive route with marble counters. But, with quartz you will not have to compromise to have the best look at a reasonable price.

  3. Non-Porous Material
    As you may have heard, quartz is a non-porous material. Comparing the competitors granite and marble – both are porous material and cause permanent damage between its tiny cavities. Quartz on the other hand has no such cavities preventing any damage in either the kitchen or bathroom counters.

  4. Catered to the Hygiene Enthusiasts
    Quartz countertops are manufactured to be hygienic and reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow. This means that homeowners who are looking for the best counters that are appropriate for food preparation will not have to worry their counters are harvesting dirty substances. You can also have your countertops evaluated by the National Sanitation Foundation to ensure your family’s safety.

  1. Easy to Clean
    If you pay for a countertop, you always want it to be user-friendly, not pesky and troublesome to maintain. Quartz is easy to clean. All that is needed is mild soap, water, a simple cloth or paper towel and it is as good as new. You will see that it is simple to care for quartz countertops.

  2. Color Never Fades
    Every homeowner wants to be sure that they found a counter that never fades in color. Quartz countertops competitors must be protected regularly in order to prevent staining and bacteria growth. The dyes in granite and marble will fade, but quartz will never lose its color.

  3. Scratching Does Not Stand a Chance
    Quartz manufacturers have developed a concept of sealing the final product of the countertop that is highly durable and scratch resistant. Never worry again about scratching your counters while preparing your daily meals – for a lifetime.

  4. Little to No Maintenance Required
    We said it before, and we’ll say it again, quartz is non-porous and will never require continuous sealing after the final product is installed. Unlike the other guys (marble and granite), sealing is a constant struggle and will need to be repeated annually. As long as you wipe away your mess, you will not have to worry about scheduling full maintenance care.

  5. Heat and Stain Resistant
    Lots of homeowners find that their second or third installation of countertops should be equipped to deal with heat and common stains. Heat, wine, oil, grease, coffee and vinegar, even makeup can sink in deep to the structures of granite and marble and eventually lead to chipped and stripped surfaces. This is why we recommend quartz as your backbone against all the brutality in the kitchen and bathroom.

Still not convinced? Well, then get the honesty from us directly, contact our experts online and we will help you learn how to buy the best quartz countertops that suits all your needs.