It’s that time of the year to give your kitchen a complete overhaul. If you plan on having guests over, consider the following five kitchen countertop ideas that you and your friends will absolutely love.

Cute Cake Stands

It can be used for more than just pastries, too. You can load them with dishrags and hand sanitizers, which will keep them easily accessible without getting in anyone’s way.

Lovely, Little Canisters

They’ll give a small but noticeable boost to your whole decor. Glass ones will bestow a touch of elegance to your kitchen while stainless ones will make the room seem neat and tidy. Not only that but it will keep your flours and sugars close at hand.

Colorful Quartz Slabs

This material is hard to stain, resistant to scratches, and totally gorgeous. What more could you ask for? Plus, it comes in vibrant colors, along with the option of sparkles and veining. For those looking for green options, you’ll be happy to hear that the sparkles come from recycled glass.

Matching Utensils

As with fashion, color coordinating will add some snap, dazzle, and pop to your whole ensemble. If you can, match your countertop appliances as well.

Shiny Towel Bar

Instead of hanging your towels on them, pin up your pots and pans. They’ll always be at an arm’s reach and look super stylish at the same time.

Transform Your Kitchen

With a simple search, all of these kitchen countertop ideas are right at your fingertips. Thinking about slicking your countertops by using the best quartz slabs? Just search for Caesarstone, the nation’s finest manufacturer, and voila. Make your purchases with just a click of a button.