Choosing the best countertop material that fits your needs is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you will face during a kitchen remodel. There are several materials to choose from such as granite, marble, laminate, and solid surfacing. However, the all-around favorite countertop material stands to be – quartz.

Quartz, also known as engineered stone, is a combination of crushed quartz, resin and coloring that beautifully replicates the appearance of natural stone.

Top Benefits:

  • Choice: Quartz comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors, and is manufactured specifically to fit your needs. By contrast, there’s variance among granite and marble slabs. With quartz countertops, you know exactly what you are purchasing and how it will appear in your kitchen so there are no surprises.

  • Zero Maintenance: Because of it’s non-porous attributes, quartz countertops require little to no maintenance after they are installed. Materials such as granite and marble must be resealed regularly in order to mitigate staining. Quartz, on the other hand, is the most stain-resistant material on the market and will easily repel stains from wine, coffee, oil and grease and is very easy to maintain!

  • Antibacterial: Due to its non-porous nature, quartz is designed to be naturally hygienic. Simply wipe the countertop down and it’s clean. You can prepare food with peace of mind knowing that your cooking environment is naturally resistant to foodborne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella.

  • Less visible seams: Unlike granite or marble slabs, quartz is manufactured specifically to fit your needs. Seams simply don’t stand a chance.

  • Affordable: Most importantly, quartz is affordable, it’s cost is comparable to that of granite and marble. But because quartz material is manufactured exactly to your kitchen’s specifications, you’ll likely save money in the process; imperfections in granite and marble slabs can drive costs up significantly over the course of installation.

When weighing the benefits of countertop materials, quartz is a hard option to beat. It secures an easy win over the competition when comparing price, hygiene, appearance and color variety.For more information on quartz countertops and designs, please contact view our collections.