If you want your kitchen to be much more than just a space to prepare your meals, then you should really consider installing stone countertops. Not only are they more functional, but they also give you the perfect opportunity to express personal taste and style.

With stone countertops, your functional kitchen will become the ideal gathering place for family members and friends. However, to ensure your kitchen stays that way, there are a few tips for stone countertops you must remember.

1. Black Isn’t the Easiest Color to Keep Clean

Many people assume that black is an easier color to keep clean as compared to a white kitchen. However, it’s actually black that involves a lot more work. As a matter of fact, it’s the hardest to maintain in any finish or stone, as any blemishes or imperfections tend to be more visible with black countertops.

2. Wipe Away Spills As Soon As You See Them

One of the most effective ways to avoid staining your stone countertops is to wipe away spills immediately after they occur. This is a pretty obvious one, though. If you don’t allow spills to sit there, they will not penetrate into the stone and damage it.

3. Durability Differs Between Each Stone

There is a significant difference between each stone type. Granite is strong and durable. Marble is tough and more porous than granite. French limestone has strong veining, color and is much more durable than other lighter limestones. However, soapstone and slate aren’t the best possible choice, as they require more maintenance compared to the others.

4. Formation of Water Droplets Indicates a Proper Seal

As soon as your stone countertop is installed, make sure that it is sealed a few times, as it helps the stone resist spills and dirt. To ensure it’s sealed properly, pour some water onto the surface. If the water forms droplets, you’re good to go.

5. Getting a Second Opinion Won’t Hurt

While there’s nothing wrong with taking advice from a retailer, it’s important to remember they may only offer one specific product. So, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion to get a better idea of the options you have available.

6. Clean Surfaces Using a Soft Cloth or Sponge

Although cleaning with dish soap won’t damage your stone, repeated usage will cause eventual build-up, which will consequently dull the shine of your stone countertop.

We Offer a Variety of Stone Countertop Styles

So, if you are considering installing stone countertops in your kitchen, these tips will help ensure they remain in the best condition possible.

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