One of the most challenging rooms to decorate in your home has to be the bathroom. It’s smaller than the other rooms in your house, requires several different types of materials for surface areas (which can limit your color options), and has oddly shaped appliances taking up most of the space. Before you lose hope and go with generic or bland bathroom décor, take a few moments to see how you can make even the most banal room into a well-decorated space simply through choosing the right color scheme.

Begin with assessing the current colors. You’re most likely working with a white tub, sink, and toilet. This is good because it narrows your focus, which ultimately makes your decisions easier. On the other hand, whites goes with a lot of colors and patterns, so you still have some work to do. What should you do for the rest of surface colors? Start with the more permanent features, like counter space, and work towards the ones that are easier to change later, like walls.

Traditionally, your counters have had a limited color palette. Today, this is no longer the case. Developments in quartz countertops now provide you with more color variations than ever before. A quick perusal of some of your options like the ones offered by Caesarstone and you’ll see just how exciting your counters can be. As an added bonus, National Kitchen & Bath Association points out that quartz is a solid surface, which makes it beyond durable and hygienic.

After countertops, you’re going to need to choose colors for your walls. There are some basic dos and don’ts when it comes to this matter. Your bathroom is where you most likely primp and prim before heading out for the day. Thus, you’re going to want colors that compliment your skin and features. So, stay away from anything that could be seen as drab—gray, deep greens, and deep yellows. Instead, go with terra cotta, pink, or peach tones. Of course, there are plenty of other deep and rich colors that are perfectly acceptable as well. Just be sure that your walls and ceiling match.

Ultimately, how you decorate your bathroom is a matter of preference and personal style. Just remember the ways in which what you choose for décor will affect your appearance in the mirror as well as establish the tone of the room. There’s no reason your bathroom can’t look great while you do too.