There seems to be something in the air around this time of year that makes homeowners feel excited to get started on their dream kitchen. Kitchen countertops are the most functional pieces you turn to for meal preparation and lounging around at breakfast and dinner. However, they are also becoming a huge fashion-forward for unique trend-setters. Here are some of the latest trends taking place with quartz countertops.

Artistic Hoods

In continued efforts to improve homeowner customization there really are no limits to achieve your ideal design. Functional hoods can be fully customized with the panels of your choice. Cupboard doors also can be replaced to accentuate or blend in naturally with the new hood. All of which are proven to help make your new quartz countertop stand out and reveal your personal style.

Embracing Black and Dark Settings

The biggest inspiration we have seen come back to life is the use of black and other dark surfaces being used in the kitchen. Reported by Realty Today the embrace of dark surfaces is becoming universal with young homeowners, who are more than willing to go bold than what their parents’ sterile and conservative style featured. Bold and geometric combinations also follow on trends with flooring that resemble chessboards or something more intricate.

Quartz vs. Granite

Quartz has played a very key role in modern stone kitchens of 2014. With so many homeowners choosing quartz, some almost forget about their old granite countertops. To help refresh your memory here is a little comparison between the two. Quartz is a natural rock, but with the addition of resin its strength increase tremendously to give protect against spills. Quartz is also made specifically for those who are interested in reducing their carbon-footprint because quartz contains recycled products and is produced in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. On the other hand you have granite, which is strong but not pleasing to look at as quartz is. Preference really does play a big role, but choosing granite may leave you with regrets in the long run since quartz is purely the most pleasing product.

Learn More about Our Luxury Countertops

Quartz countertops are the heavy favorite when it comes to fall kitchen remodeling and installation trends. Quartz lasts a lifetime and is heat and scratch resistant. The beauty of investing in luxury countertops is that they will update the look of your entire kitchen and simultaneously improve functionality. Most of all, quartz countertops do not require heavy maintenance or sealing after installation. For the right look and important details about our availability, contact our manufacturers online to help you start planning your dream kitchen.